The current trend in optimizing the business processes is to implement holistic production systems. In the past decade mainly individual strategies such as Kaizen, Team Work, Just In Time, etc. were adopted. But by integrating the individual strategies into a holistic system success is optimized and up to 30% savings are achieved in the business process.

EMTEC IT-Solutions offers information solutions, which are seamlessly tied in to a holistic production system and helps the company in being successful.


maint.tec is a CMMS software tool which helps to optimize the maintenance. It effectively aids in implementing TPM (Total Productive Maintenance), standardized work, kaizen, team work and visual management.


A brief functional overview

The main modules are

Competent Project-Management

EMTEC IT-Solutions is specialised in effectively implementing IT-projects. In many projects we have proven our ability to apprehend the needs of our customers and realize successful customer-specific solutions. The results have been an assessable productivity increase in the business processes.


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