Efficient Project Management by EMTEC IT-Solutions

EMTEC IT-Solutions is specialised in effectively implementing IT-projects. In many projects we have proven our ability to apprehend the needs of our customers and realize successful customer-specific solutions. The results have been an assessable productivity increase in the maintenance processes.

Turn-Key Solution
Successful maintenance projects require an extensive engineering know-how and in-depth familiarity with the software so that the system can be utilised profitably within a short time.

Typical Project Workflow
In workshops we compile together with the customer the customizing of the system.
Maintenance plans and maintenance control based on manufacturer documentation and plant-specific data are specified together with the customer and then implemented. Manuals and spare parts catalogues are converted to internet-specific formats so that they can be accessed from all workstations. Maintenance and logistic workflows are critically checked and optimised.
The installation and putting into operation of the system is done competently by EMTEC IT-Solutions.
A well-developed training program ensures maximum usage of the system functionality.
The project normally concludes with an assessment of the success regarding the goals set from the beginning and an outlook for future goals.

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