Efficient Corrective Maintenance through Knowledge Management and Pragmatic Planning

Focused Maintenance based on Historical Data

Everyone is familiar with the problem - the production equipment is down and the foreman isn't available. If only his notes were on hand...

With maint.tec the corrective maintenance information for all equipment is stored on the server and available to everyone. Powerful search tools enable one to simply find needed historical data in order to carry out the repair in a focused way.

Increased Efficiency through more planned Maintenance

Complex production equipment typically have a cost per hour of several thousand dollars. Even short breakdown periods are extremely expensive. From the maintenance point of view it's the unplanned repairs that are most costly. Maintenance personnel must be withdrawn from other tasks and often things must be improvised in order to get the production back on track as soon as possible. Just by raising the quota of planned maintenance a few percent pays off the investments in maint.tec.

Control Circuit Maintenance

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