Preventive Maintenance

maint.tec Modules
  • Ensuring equipment availability through timely preventive maintenance
  • Time saving through permanent optimisation of maintenance intervals
  • More efficient maintenance by optimising the maintenance workflow
  • Wear-data controlled maintenance intervals
  • Optimising the logistics by planning materials for maintenance


  • Integrating manufacturer documentation with equipment data, maintenance plans and materials data
  • Up-to-date documentation accessible from every workstation

Corrective Maintenance

  • Increasing the percentage of planned maintenance
  • Effective assistance of ad hoc repairs
  • Analysis of historical data in order to repair more quickly
  • Increasing equipment availability through weak spot analysis
  • Cost accounting

Stock Management

  • Stock supervision
  • Adapting purchase strategies based on consumption


  • Reducing administration tasks for project overviews, budgets and purchasing processes
  • Supervision of outstanding deliveries and invoices and checking of delivery and invoice data.


  • Cost controlling using controlling instruments


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