Optimising Preventive Maintenance through Dynamic Control

Maintenance is a Dynamic Process

The intervals for preventive maintenance task orders must be critically checked and adjusted according to inspection results. Thus over-maintenance is avoided.

Task descriptions must be modified in accordance with knowledge on site. This is crucial in optimising the work.

Planning needed materials and having them prepared for the maintenance tasks optimises the logistics.

Wear-Data based Maintenance through an on-line Interface to the Equipment

Implementing an on-line interface to the equipment optimises the preventive maintenance intervals, since the intervals are automatically adjusted according to usage and wear.

Regelkreis Wartung


Planning in Advance based on Maintenance Overview and Capacity Plans

By including the planned time for each maintenance task it's possible to anticipate the necessary capacity in respect to personnel and equipment.

Extensive Electronic Documentation

Documentation from the manufacturers, such as maintenance and operation manuals as well as spare parts catalogues are converted to internet-formats and stored on the server. This makes it possible to access up-to-date technical documentation from any PC in the company network.

Based on the functionality of a web server any document can be found using a search engine. Navigation incorporates standard internet technologies such as hyperlinks and image maps.

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