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Funktional Overview   Version    
    Basic Extended Premium
Corrective Maintenance
Work orders for internal and external work groups  
Traffic light overview of pending work orders  
Graphic panel      
Documentation of maintenance work  
Weak spot analysis  
Preventive Maintenance
Maintenance definition according to multiple criteria  
Cyclical preventive maintenance  
Condition-based preventive maintenance  
Controlling maintenance dates  
Methods to optimize the preventive maintenance  
Maintenance history  
Graphic maintenance panel  
Materials Management
Stock management  
Stock supervision    
Documentation of spare usage    
Inventory methods    
Stock usage analysis    
Optimization of stocks    
Request for price      
Quote comparison      
Requests for purchase including authorization      
Orders including authorization      
Emailing of orders      
Deliveries documented      
Invoice checking      
Equipment Management
No limit to the level of stuctures  
Spare parts catalogues and documents can be linked  
Counter management and optionally an interface to equipment

Spare parts catalogues can be integrated  
Open solution  
Can be extended by the customer  
Standard reports included  

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