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After having installed the mainttecApp or mainttecStocks app on a device one must set certain settings in order to connect to the maint.tec-server.

Settings tiĆ³ be set:

  • Server: Server name or ip-address
  • Database: Name of the database.

The information will be provided by site administrator.

If further information is needed one may contact our company using This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



maint.tec cloud

maint.tec cloud puts the data in the Internet. As a result there is no need to install a server and network within the company. The cloud-solution is maintained by EMTEC IT-Solutions and is kept up-to-date, so that the newest features are readily available. The software itself is maint.tec web.

maint.tec web
maint.tec cloud

Do speak with us concerning a solution with maint.tec cloud. We are happy to help.

maint.tec web

maint.tec web is an extensive software solution for maintenance including the modules preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, materials management, documentation management, controlling and reporting.

maint.tec web is designed to be responsive, i.e. all tasks can be done using a PC, tablet or smartphone. Using a tablet or smartphone one can do all tasks on the go. Not only does one save time, but all relevant information are available on site. Pictures and videos can be uploaded in a simple manner.

Important tasks are aided by graphic overviews. From a graphic panel of the equipment all the important tasks for the releavant equipment are accessed. This simplifies the handling.

A graphic equipment panel shows the current status of work orders for each equipment based on a so-called traffic light function. Overdue work orders show the traffic light red. By clicking on the equipment in the overview one can navigate to that equipment und process the work orders.

The solution is very extensive, highly integrated,  easy to use and cost-efficient. Due to development in our company we can react quickly to customer needs und extend program development. Extensive use of parameters allows for a multidue of different customer-specific solutions without modifying the program. 

The program has beenn installed internationally and supports different languages.

Innovative techniques such as responsive design, simple handling, graphic overviews and navigation, simplify the daily work of maintenance personnel, who work in a multifaceted environment.

maint.tec web
maint.tec web
Work Orders
Work Orders

maint.tec app

maint.tec app is a mobile application, which can be used independently of a connection to the server. All necessary are kept in a local database. As soon as there is a connection to the server the data is synchronized in the background.

maint.tec app is limited to managing corrective and preventive work orders as well as stock management. Important information is displayed. The work plan tasks in preventive maintenance can be ticked off individually. Images and videos for documentation purposes can be taken and are uploaded to the server once a connection is available.

The stock management helps to find parts on stock as well as handling parts used and inventory.

The app is available on tablets and smartphones running Android or iOS.  

The app can be installed from Google Play Store or App Store from Apple.


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maint.tec app
maint.tec app


maint.tec forms

maint.tec forms is a classical client-server application. The database is installed on the server and holds all data. The application itself runs on the workstation.

The main modules are:

  • Preventive maintenance plannning and optimization
  • Corrective maintenance control
  • Stock management
  • Ordering
  • Controlling and reports.

Various interfaces to machines and ERP-Systems let maint.tec receive runtime and other data for condition-based maintenance as well as integrating maintenance, ordering and stock management with ERP-systems.

maint.tec forms
maint.tec forms

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