Optimising Maintenance Costs in Times of Business Crisis

As competition increases it‘s important to reduce the maintenance costs. However the maintenance costs should not be viewed independently. They must be seen in conjunction with the production downtime costs. The downtime costs for complex machinery are often more than 2.000 EUR per hour. Increased automation and linking of equipment lead to a higher susceptance to failure and therefore to higher downtime costs. Therefore the goal must be to optimize the maintenance costs considering equipment availability.

Value Added Time and Waste

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maint.tec Newly Developed

Since the Spring of 2009 EMTEC IT-Solutions is offering maint.tec, which is a completely newly developed maintenance solutions. Much emphasis was put on a modern and simple user-interface. Although the program offers exensive functionality, new users learn to use the program within a short period of time. Powerful search functions make it easy to find the information sought for. A graphical overview of the equipment supports the work order control.

Press Release

Rheinische Post Installs the Maintenance System from EMTEC IT-Solutions

Having completed a broad market research Rheinische Post decided to install the maintenance system maint.tec. maint.tec is a powerful program which helps to optimize the preventive maintenance and control the corrective maintenance work including special features for the print industry. Other core areas are stock management, ordering as well as extensive reports and KPI’s.

maint.tec at Rheinische Post

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