Rheinische Post Installs the Maintenance System from EMTEC IT-Solutions

Having completed a broad market research Rheinische Post decided to install the maintenance system maint.tec. maint.tec is a powerful program which helps to optimize the preventive maintenance and control the corrective maintenance work including special features for the print industry. Other core areas are stock management, ordering as well as extensive reports and KPI’s.

maint.tec at Rheinische Post

The maintenance manager, Mr. Michael Linssen emphasizes: „based on prior experience we had very accurate requirements for a new maintenance system. These were documented in a system specification and a number of systems provided by well-known suppliers compared. The product maint.tec by EMTEC IT-Solutions fulfilled our requirements best.”

Preventive Maintenance Control with an Interface to the Equipment

The preventive maintenance is controlled by wear data from the equipment, which avoids over-maintenance of machines less used. The maintenance tasks are organized in a hierarchical structure in order to improve the sequence of work. The workshops are organized decentrally, which means that each workshop administrates its own tasks.

Focused Corrective Maintenance

All corrective tasks are documented. Based on this procedure the plant engineers and managers have the information they need in order to improve and secure the equipment availability. A number of self-defined reports help to highlight important information.

Focused corrective maintenance

Stock Management and Ordering

The stores are managed in SAP. Through an interface to SAP the stock data are updated on a daily basis in maint.tec. All material transactions are recorded by the coworkers in maint.tec and transmitted twice a day to SAP. Parts which need to be reordered are entered in maint.tec, approved and transmitted to SAP. The result is a high data transparency, cost savings in the material management and a clear materials cost relation to each piece of equipment.

Customer-Specific Modifications

Numerous features in the program can be set by the system administrator. Additional features were implemented, such as guiding the user when entering corrective maintenance tasks so that only equipment-specific criteria can be selected.

Project Management

The installation and training was done by EMTEC IT-Solutions, a company specialized in managing maintenance projects.

Additional information regarding the program is available at www.emtec-it.de .

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